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The Sheriff’s Community Outreach Programs have been very active over the past few months sponsoring and participating in events throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. On August 4, 2012, sixty reserve deputies joined Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian in proudly sponsoring the BBQ at the Chelsea Soldiers’ Home.. During the day, deputies helped prepare for the event, transported patients to and from the event, pre- pared more then 500 barbecue meals for the patients, and visited with the hospitalized veterans. Association members who participated in the August event experi- enced first hand the joy that come from a simple act of human kindness, and experienced the great sense of satisfaction that can only be found by helping a person in need.
Supervising this event were Patricia A. McArdle, & Robert Tyszkowski. They were joined by Reserve Deputies Ted & Karen Morris, Carrie Caskey, Renee Morris, Albert Law, Milton Shaffer., James Puisys, Richard Albert, Cindy Brown and several young relatives of Association members. (Members, M.C.D.S.A. Advisory Board with Members, and M.C.D.S.A. Board of Directors). Each of the members that participated in today's event did a splendid job helping, caring for, and interacting with the patients.


Volunteering at the VA NEW ENGLAND MEDICAL CENTER, in Bedford, Massachusetts, may be achieved in a variety of ways. Volunteers are needed seven days a week, 365 days a year. Deputies may choose to participate in CHAPEL ESCORT SERVICE (bringing patients to the hospital chapel), ADOPT-A-VET program (working one-on-one with a hos- pitalized veteran), RECREATIONAL SERVICES (helping the patients with arts and crafts, playing cards and board games, etc.), COFFEE PROGRAM (serving coffee to the patients in the wards); or, you may choose to volunteer your time outside the hospital by organizing an event in your own city or town, such as organizing a clothing drive (new clothes only), or seeking donations for general needed items, personal comfort items, or seasonal items that can be used by the patients. If you are interested in volunteering for this program contact Robert Tyszkowski at (800) 923- 3983.


The SHERIFF'S YOUTH ACADEMY will take place Monday through Friday, from 8:30AM until 3:00PM. You may choose to work one entire day (8:30AM-3:00PM); or, two half day shifts over a two day period. If you are interested in volunteering for this program call Patricia McArdle at (617) 413-6916.
Finally, all members are reminded that they must complete eight (8) hours of volunteer community service by the end of the year. Community service is the basis for membership in the Middlesex Deputy Sheriffs' Association, and required in order to maintain your commission as a sworn deputy sheriff of Middlesex. Remember, participation in the Sheriffs' Outreach Programs can be fun, exciting, and very fulfilling.


The Middlesex Deputy Sheriffs' Association would like to thank the generous support of its members of the
Motorcycle Unit. Last year, they have kindly donated over 2000 hours each of their own time and expenses. Their generous donation and continuous support allows the Motorcycle Unit to broaden the profile of our Association, and provides us with a means of obtaining high profile exposure for our crime preven tion programs, community services, and charitable fund raising events. These impressive motorcycles attract positive attention wherever they go, and serve as a great source of pride for our Association. Last year, the Motorcycle Unit participated in numerous special events, and performed police related duties throughout Middlesex County. This years schedule of events include conducting duties at the Sheriffs' Road Race, Jimmy Fund Cancer Run, escorting the Mobile Vietnam Wall Memorial, Placing a wreath at ground zero and representing the Association at numerous holiday parades & road races throughout the County.


There is an old saying; "an ounce of prevention is worth apound of cure." The Middlesex Deputy Sheriffs' AssociationCrime Prevention Unit proves the wisdom of this sayingevery day! By educating the residents of Middlesex aboutsome of the ways to avoid becoming a victim of crime, theSheriffs' Crime Prevention Unit provides a cost-effective wayto reduce the frequency of crimes. The Middlesex DeputySheriffs' Association would like to thank the generous sup-port of its members of the Crime Prevention Unit. 2011,they have kindly donated over 2500 hours each of their owntime and expenses.Thanks to the efforts of the CrimePrevention Unit, the residents of Middlesex County can onceagain call their neighborhoods "home" and be proud ofwhere they live! At scheduled events throughout the year, the Crime Prevention Unit conducts safety and crime prevention presentations throughout County. These programs empower the residents of Middlesex with the knowledge that allows them to avoid the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime. In doing so, a strong relationship develops within the community and a sense of pride begins to grow. Everyone can benefit from participating in the programs offered by the Sheriffs' Crime Prevention Unit.


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